Sleep Apnea

Many of us are disturbed by the snoring of our partners and we don't know that we should worry about the snoring of the little ones. Did you know that 20% of the children are often snoring and 7% to 10% are snoring every night? Snoring, the restless sleep and nightmares can be symptoms of the sleep apnea syndrome. Did you know that 40-60% of the adults are snoring with the progression in age? 5 out of 100 adults can suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. The decrease of the muscle tone during sleep narrows the superior airways that leads to an accelerated air flux that produces vibrations. This results in snoring.
Obstructive apnea is a temporary pause of the respiration because of the closing of the airways. It usually occurs when the soft tissue of the oral cavity is relaxed and is slipping backwards. People suffering from sleep apnea (SAS) repeatedly stop breathing during sleep for periods ranging from several seconds to a minute or more; this considerable reduction in the flow of oxygen causes a reflex reaction of awakening, unperceived by the sleeper, that causes a poor sleep and fatigue. These interruptions cause a decrease in blood oxygen, which can cause serious long-term complications of heart, brain and endocrine system, even stroke, heart attack or death. The immediate effects are: chronic fatigue, headaches, irritability, lack of concentration, lack of performance.
Depending on the stage of obstructive apnea, the treatment can be mechanically with a tray for apnea and / or apparatus NCAP (pressurized air mask). Your dentist can help you with a special tray for apnea.

Daca aveti cea mai mica intrebare vis-à-vis de calitatea somnului dvs parcurgeti chestionarul de mai jos.

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< 10 Cu siguranta dormi suficient, bine. Nu este necesara vizita la medic
10 — 16 Suferi de somnolenta in timpul zilei. Se recomanda un consult la medic pentru a stabili cauzele. Daca este necesar medicul de familie va poate directiona catre un centru de somnologie
16+ Este imperios necesara vizita la medic si determinarea cauzelor starilor de somnolenta.Somnul dvs nu va asigura odihna necesara.

Daca aveti un scor peste 10 programati-va la in medic pentru diagnostic si tratament. Cautati medical de familie, cel mai apropiat somnolog, un stomatolog acreditat, un orl-ist acrediatat. Oricare dintre ei va poate coordona. Suna si incepe investigatiile.