Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the part of dentistry witch handles the treatment of milk teeth and permanent young teeth.

There are two different maneuvers:
● Prophylactic treatment (fluoridation, sealing, tooth cleansing for cavities prevention)
● Curative treatment (fillings, extractions, mouth guards)

For preventing tooth decay, it is very important to start the cleansing before the eruption of the first teeth.

Prophylaxis is a process for maintaining the teeth healthy. This must be done very vigorously from an early stage. Prophylaxis can be done with the help of toothpaste with fluoride and.

Periodical dental consults and professional cleansing with application of fluoride gels are necessary in prevention and treatment of cavities.

The caries are dental affection witch need invasive procedures for their treatment.

If the parents see pigmentation of the teeth it is recommended to do a dental consult for a good diagnostic treatment.
At DentalVivclinique children are being treated from an early age - 2 years. Parents are informed about the correct brushing techniques and caries prevention. Dental education should start from an early stage.