Orthodontics is responsible for the aligning and correction of teeth positioning. Such anomalies are frequent in children and adolescents and can be easily corrected with the help of braces. Teeth crowding and incorrect occlusion can affect the health of the teeth, the gingivae, and the temporal-mandibular joint. Malocclusion can also affect the integrity of the digestive tube.

Orthodontic braces are helpful in:
● teeth crowding
● Spațieri dentare (strungăreață)
● Afecțiuni generate de dinți în plus sau în minus
● dentomaxilar anomalies

Orthodontic braces can be metallic, ceramic or sapphire, the last of them being very esthetic.
Braces are easy to install and can do wonders with your smile.
The prices can vary with the complexity of the case.
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