A dental implant is a long-term solution for modern aesthetic and functional recovery of one or more missing teeth. The procedure allows restoration of missing teeth through fixed or mobile bridges, depending on the requirements of the patient and the indications of the doctor.

The restoration with the dental implants looks and feels just like a natural tooth. It is made without affecting the health of neighboring teeth. The surgery can be simple -just insert the implant - or more complex - with the addition of artificial bone, modeling of the edentulous crest and maxillary sinus.

How does a dental implant help?

Inserting a dental implant is a simple procedure, with benefits that you feel instantly.
● it determines an improvement of the smile and profile
● it determines a good mastication, without pain
● it permits the patient to easily talk, with confidence
● it permits an active professional and social life, without constraints or inhibitions

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Periodontal disease is a disease of periodontal tissue (gingiva) surrounding the tooth. It occurs when this inflammation is grafted onto a golf bone atrophy. Among the causes of periodontal disease we can include: dental plaque, tooth decay, infantile swallowing, oral respiration, malocclusions, clenching teeth, smoking, chronic alcohol consumption and other local factors.

Periodontal treatment
● pharmaceutical treatment
● prophylactic vaccination
● Periodontal surgery
● treatment for bio stimulation
● dental immobilization

Treatment for periodontal disease

  • ● Local treatment
    • ● pharmaceutical
    • ● antimicrobial
    • ● anti-inflammatory
    • ● scaling
  • ● Surgical treatment
    • ● scaling and root planning
    • ● reduction of gingival hyperplasia and periodontal pockets
  • ● Bio activation treatment
  • ● Dental immobilization
    • ● temporary or permanent
    • ● aesthetic or metallic
    • ● removable or fix
    • ● on vital or non-vital teeth